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Tubular Scaffolding Work

Asiatech Scaffold Engineering specializes in complete tubular scaffolding erection and dismantling services in West Malaysia. Being the core of our business, our scaffolding work guarantees the use of exceptional quality materials and installation that complies with the industry’s safety standards.

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Below are the industries we serve.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Building & Construction
  • Energy & Utilities

BS1139 Tubular Scaffolding for all your needs

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From the tubes to the fittings, we have everything in stock. Keep in mind that scaffolds can only be erected, dismantled, altered, or moved under the direct supervision of a competent person/company. You can contact us for either supervision or any other work that is related to scaffolding. From residential projects to large industrial sites, we can handle it all.

What Is BS1139 Scaffolding?

BS 1139 is a British standard that gives the specifications for length, size, thickness, load capacity, and type of scaffolding materials. The name has been gaining more popularity in Malaysia over the last few years, and it is also a very popular standard in Europe. With strict requirements of quality and safety, BS 1139 is often used by the oil and gas industries, refineries, thermal power plants, and factories.

Installing BS1139 Tubes & Fittings

Our technicians are trained in methodical and intensive ways of installing the scaffolding tube and fittings properly. The process requires extensive knowledge and skills. As a leading company, we comply with advanced standards and processes to ensure our quality of service as well as safety in all projects.

Full-Service Scaffolding Work

We offer full-service work that includes everything – from erecting, altering or dismantling a temporary structure erected, to platform support for structures from which a person or object could fall more than 4 metres. As scaffolding contractors, we do everything to eliminate or minimize risks in a construction setting.

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Here are some FAQs about scaffolding

How can risks be managed?

Finding out what can cause harm is important. Checking ground conditions before installing the scaffold is a good start. Also, observing the workplace to identify areas where scaffolds are used or scaffolding work is performed and where there is interaction with vehicles, pedestrians, and fixed structures is also a must. Getting feedback from your workers about any difficulties is also a good way of maintaining a safe work environment.

What are the benefits of tubular scaffolding?

Scaffolds are really easy to use as there are only 4 basic components that are required (tube, right-angle coupler, swivel coupler, bases or casters). Also, these types of scaffolds are durable and able to take on harsh environments. Another great benefit is they are really easy to move as they are light in weight.

What are the parameters for a BS 1139 scaffolding system?

Let’s take a closer look of the following components: Tubes; Scaffold Clamps & Couplers; Scaffolding Boards;

  • Outside diameter: 48mm (± 0.5mm).
  • Wall thickness: 3.2mm; 3.6mm; 3.8mm; 4.0mm.
  • Material: steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, anti-corrosion, long life.

Scaffold Clamps, Couplers:
  • Should include: Double clamp, swivel clamp, sleeve coupler, putlog, girder coupler.
  • Material: steel, galvanized steel, anti-corrosion, long life.

Scaffolding boards:
  • Width: 310mm – 360mm.
  • Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm..
  • Length: 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, and 3000mm.
  • Material: Zinc plated, hot dip steel, anti-corrosion.


Specializes in complete scaffolding erection and dismantling service. Available throughout entire Peninsular Malaysia.