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Mechanical Piping

Mechanical Piping Services

Here you will find the range of services we supply related to Mechanical and Piping works. We deliver our work in accordance to the safety and delivery standards set by regulatory bodies to ensure quality and satisfaction.

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Below are the industries we serve.

  • Oil & Gas
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More about our Mechanical Piping services

Instead of design, fabrication and installation work, we focus more on the latter cycles of your industrial equipments. Our specialty in delivering maintenance and repair works will provide a substantial extension to your facility’s lifespan. Explore some of our options listed here under Mechanical such as Post Weld Heat Treatment and Piping Insulation. We also supply manpower and rental equipments for Marine Loading Arms. Contact us to inquire more or get a quotation in no time.

Post Weld Heat Treatment

PWHT are expected for any installation and maintenance works that involves welding. Get us to inspect and further improve the quality of your facilities’ welding works, or get us to perform heat treatment to any parts of your facility that needs further strengthening, or to remove impurities. Have a cracked weld spots? Get our experts on the case and we’ll take care of that fast.

Marine Loading Arm

We also provide installation and maintenance services for marine purpose loading arms for loading of oil and gas tankers and other vessels, depending on the need of our customers. Our top grade equipment and experienced operators ensure a high frequency and consistent loading rates to fit your schedule. Connect with us to explore our capacity in fulfilling your needs, and we’ll consult you to the best we can.

Piping Insulation Work

Extend the lifespan of your infrastructure by providing a durable coating, delivered by professionals that we can provide. We do pipe insulation work involving Polyurethane (PU) to insulate pipes, tanks and other equipments. Aside from that, we also perform maintenance services via grouting – injection of polyurethane into cracks, fissures and pores that requires fast patch up job.

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Need more answers? Here are some FAQ's you might find helpful.

Do you provide other services than insulation for Piping?

Yes, we do. Insulation is what we are usually hired for. But other than that, we also provide consultancy on design, fabrication and installation of piping equipments as well.

Do you just do above ground works for Piping?

No we do not. We do both underground and above-ground works for mechanical pipes, ranging from inspection, maintenance and downright replacement works as well.

What are the standards or certificates do you have to perform these works?

We are a registered and licensed vendors of TNB, Petronas and Sime Darby among others, and have served them before. If you'd like to know more about our workforce, please email us and we'll sort that out.

Do you provide training?

Of course. We can supply manpower contracted to you, or better yet, we also provide training. We're a registered HRDF Training Provider and if your company is contributing, you can apply for training from them.


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